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30 days warranty
We provide thirty days warranty in all the repair, we would be happy to change the parts if it is defective, no questions asked.
We are fast
We are located close to you and provide you the satisfaction of protection when you carry your phone. We repair your devices in 30 minutes or less.
Expert staff
Our staff is fully trained and expert in the field. Our staff is available anytime during office hours to help solve your issues.
No fix, no fees
We only charge you if we diagnose the device, we will provide you a free consultation.

10+ Years Of Experience

At PhoneXpert, we are dedicated to providing top-notch mobile phone repair services to our customers. We understand that your phone is an essential part of your daily life and that's why we strive to get it back to you in perfect working condition as quickly as possible.
Our team of highly skilled and experienced technicians are certified and specialize in all aspects of phone repair, from basic troubleshooting to complex repairs. We use only the highest quality parts and tools to ensure that your phone is returned to you in perfect working condition.
Brands We Fix
At Phonexpert, we cater to a diverse array of brands, bringing life back into your trusted devices - be it Apple, Samsung, or any other brand.
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Explore the Phonexpert Services: A glimpse into our state-of-the-art repair services with dedicated team.
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Phonexpert has achieved a customer satisfaction rating of 98%, demonstrating our commitment to quality service and repairs.


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Why Choose Phonexpert?

At Phonexpert, we believe in the value of community and fostering strong relationships with our customers. We understand that everyone has unique needs and circumstances, and we strive to accommodate them as much as we can.
Repairing Service
From malfunctioning buttons and speakers to software glitches, our technicians are skilled in diagnosing and resolving a wide range of hardware and software problems.
Same-Day Repairs
We understand that you can't afford to be without your smartphone for long. That's why we offer same-day repairs for many common issues, so you can get back to your routine quickly.
Customer Satisfaction
We take pride in our track record of satisfied customers who have trusted us with their valuable devices.
No Fix, No Fees
We only charge you if we diagnose the device, we will provide you a free consultation.
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Explore the Phonexpert Experience: A glimpse into our state-of-the-art repair facilities, dedicated team, and satisfied customers.

What does our clients say?

Find Phonexpert effortlessly, guiding you seamlessly to our physical location from anywhere in the city.
Their service is pretty fast and accurate. I had an emergency and needed to fix it asap. They were very busy but in spite of that, they helped me first. Very good service.
Mehedi Hasan
Great customer service. Good with customer y’all should really come check him out ❤️
Sadiya Isse
Got my iPhone 12 Pro Max screen fixed in less than 20 minutes here! Great prices by the way! Saved me money and a trip to the Apple Store, Looks brand new! Thank you!
Abdul Aziz
Great service and incredibly professional staffs! They fixed my broken screen within 15 minutes. Definitely recommend this place.
Rebecca Roka
Great costumer service I loved it will definitely will be coming back.
Sahra Rose
Bought a super cool multi charger. Staff was really nice !!!
Britt D
Great service -now have a new phone cover!!
Debbie Rine
Great service and very nice!
Lisa Farnholtz
Fast Repair
Very good customer service
Donald Anderson
Fast Repair
Very quick service and nice
Kelli B
Fast Repair
Very helpful and reasonable! He’ll work with your budget!!!
Nm Zexr
Fast Repair
They were very helpful definitely recommend.
Tyler Dark
Fast Repair
Helped me find a beautiful phone case for my iPhone 11 for a great price. 10/10
Heba Assad
Fast Repair
Great place to find accessories for your phone
Jennifer Beechler
Fast Repair
Affordable cases and awesome service
Amira Jefferson
Fast Repair
Great customer service
Shelly Donaldson
Fast Repair
Good Service
Md Nahid
Fast Repair
Great quality cases and good customer service!
Leandrea Hutter
Good service customer everything product good
Mahfuj Alam
Fast friendly and did a great job !
Wayne Gonzales
Great customer service and affordable!
Kayti Miller
My man got us right with the phone cases here at turtle crossing right in the food court get with my guy!!!
Elijah Steele
Hassan was great! Quick and affordable price. Highly recommend.
Dalia Othman
Didn’t hesitate to help! Had what we needed!
Phillip Elfrink
He was very nice to me and was cheap.
Selina Bernon
Their service is pretty fast and accurate. had an emergency and needed to fix it asap. They were very busy but in spite of that, they helped me first. Very good service.
Mohammad Hasan Dewan
Fast and easy good prices.
Kalen V
He did his job well!!!
Heriberto Sepulveda
Good phone case quality
Mario Alexander
Love the phone cases
Amber Kendrick
Good service
Md Sujon
Place is awesome.
Elainapetrasek Petrasek
Good service
Mohammad Roni
Best place to get your phone fixed and Great Customer service Recommend to everyone!!
Josh Knight
Riyad fixed my screen very fast & got me right. Will definitely come back if something happens to my phones. Great customer service!
Dom Smith
Ryad, fantastic to work with. I had my iPhone 14 screen repaired in 25 minutes!! Fantastic customer service and highly recommended all of his services.
Russ Kelly
These guys were incredible. I brought my Galaxy s22 in and honestly didn't think it could be repaired. They did it!!! Riyad& somit ifixed it just like they said. Thanks Phone Expert.
Glenn Vanlesser
A man there fixed my airpods for FREE!! he did it in under 20 minutes!! this place is one of the best phone/airpod places around <3
Lindsay Chambers
This phone store is amazing. He does a wonderful and fast job. If your phone is broken, you should definitely stop by.
Niari calloway
I was very pleased with this store. They had a replacement screen for my phone in stock. Within 30 minutes of my arrival my phone was fixed and good as new. The gentleman running the store was knowledgeable and courteous as well. In addition, this store has LOTS of phone accessories.
Mickey Douglas
The guys did a great job! They went above and beyond to help. They were honest in telling me part of the problem was my screen protector, not the screen itself. So, they didn’t take advantage of my ignorance and helped me save some money. They were great to talk to, and they just seemed to care about doing a good job. Thanks guys!
Josh Waltman
Riyad helped me out and he was incredible! Extremely talented, knowledgeable, and very professional. He took care of me in minutes and I highly recommend his services.
Bradley Mejia
Riyad did a phenomenal job fixing my phone screen! highly recommend.
Emily Novak
Very great service !! Very patient and very quick !! will definitely come back if phone needs another repair.
Adrian Moore
Love them, Riyad is super nice and always helpful. They will leave you satisfied in a timely manner.
Fast service and an affordable price!
Anthony Alston
Fantastic experience with screen replacement. Took 10 minute to complete. No fuss. Thanks guys. Great work!
R Lightfoot
Thanks to phonexpert for fixing my phone .. If I have a phone issue I will be back . Thank you for a good job..
Dorothy Johnson
Very quick service and nice person. Easy to work with on what’s going on.
Bianka Shaw
Riyad did an excellent job with my phone is just in 10 minutes I’m so excited!!! thank youuuu.
Miah Ru
The best repair shop in Lynchburg , Fastservice and price is the best ! Phone was destroyed now it looks brand new !!!
Clinton Daniels
Customer service, was great and got my phone fixed in 18 min, strongly recommend phone expert.
Dsanta bradley
Very nice and they even gave me a discount 100% would go here.
Josh Tipold
Check them out asap I promise you they will get you right!!! My kids love there cases!!!
Tamika Carter
Very good screen replacement and good costumer service really recommend it.
Mateo Oviedo
Great place to get phone fixed best price an quick
Brian bostic
Knowledgeable fast and good customer service!! Come here for your phone needs
Rodney Toms
great amazing service 🔥🔥
Really you guys are so awesome and cool thanks again for fix my phone
Nathan Hardman
Friendly environment, fast and cheap repair. Would definitely recommend.
Shavah Henry
Good job I recommend for any phone fix
Pat Houser
Good Job (With great price flexibility ;) !
Mark Briggs
Good guy, hooked me up heavy appreciate it.
Khalil McKenzie
Good business good prices !!!!!
Timothy Kost
Just like the name says, Experts!! They know their stuff when it comes to repairing phones.
Brian Marshall
The only one that don’t have to have a appointment and answered the phone.
Luke Bernard
Riyad, thank you! You’re the best!
Emily Xander’s World
Spacious new store and great service.
Joseph Bill
Good advice good service.
Larry Morris
Good service thanks guys.
Jermain Pannell
Wonderful job thanks guys
Phillip Burleigh
Janice helped me in a tight spot, my screen broke and I could not find anyone that had a screen ta fix it, he had it in stock and fixed it for half the price in 25 minuits, best experience yet.
Jonathan Chavez
Very quick and very good price excellent work!
Nick Harrison
Provided a screen replacement so I could fix my phone for a trade in credit. They even helped with a small part of the disassembly process when I couldn't figure it out the next step. Was better priced too. Thank you guys for everything. I'll be a repeat customer going forward.
Dillon Minish
My phones screen went out yesterday morning. I brought it here and they had the repair completed in about 20 minutes. It looks great and works great.Excellent service and would highly recommend them.
Owen Poole
They have great selection of cases and accessories. Definitely recommend everyone to check this place out
Aktar Hossain
Very overwhelming behavior and excellent professionalism. Loved their service ❤️
I had very good service. I got my phone screen fixed.
Carla Walp
Phone xpert is low price repair is good products i like it thanks for good services highly recommended.
Khled Masum
Awesome service and great knowledge of products.Must check these guys out.
Michael Lang
Got my IPhone 12 Pro Max screen fixed in less than 20 minutes here! Great prices by the way! Saved me money and a trip to the Apple Store, Looks brand new! Thank you!
Beauty Aktar
Kaiyum did a great job with my 13 pro max. He fixed the phone in 15 minutes and helped me with the case and screen protector. Great customer service! Highly recommend everyone to check this new place for repair and accessories
Mdibrahim Bhuiyan
My phone was broken I called every shop and nobody could get me in. I walked into the mall and my phone was fixed in 20 minutes on a Sunday!
Kristine Miller

Available in store

In addition to our repair services, we offer a wide selection of premium phone accessories to enhance your mobile usage. Whether you're looking for protective cases, stylish covers, durable chargers, or cutting-edge gadgets, you'll find it all in our carefully curated collection.
Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

At Phonexpert, we offer repair services for a wide range of phone brands including, but not limited to, Apple, Samsung, Huawei, LG, Sony, Google Pixel, and many more. We are constantly updating our skills to accommodate new models and brands.

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